Friday, March 1, 2024

Lieutenant-General (Retired) Al Meinzinger


Lieutenant-General (retired) Al Meinzinger retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2022 after thirty-seven years of service. During his last four plus years in uniform, he served as the Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the longest tenured commander in the last sixty years. In this capacity, he led a diverse team of 15,000 members through a period of global instability while sponsoring a $60B capital investment portfolio.

During his helicopter flying career, he deployed as a member of the first contingent in support of the United Nations Mission in Haiti. He also commanded Canada’s Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing, overseeing the final phase of Air Wing support to combat operations in 2011. As a general officer, he served as Deputy Director of Strategy, Policy and Plans within NORAD headquarters in Colorado-Springs. He also commanded the Royal Military College of Canada from 2013-2015 before completing his career in Ottawa in various senior leadership capacities which included leading the Strategic Joint Staff between 2017-2018.

He holds Master of Arts degrees from Queen’s University in Economics, and the Royal Military College in Security and Defence Management and Policy.

He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours Commerce) from the Royal Military College.
Lieutenant-General (retired) Al Meinzinger is currently volunteering his time in support a military family foundation while providing advisory and mentorship support to various private and public entities. He and his wife are proud parents of a daughter and son.